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Our team of Specialist Teachers, Speech and Language and Occupational Therapists are experienced in delivering training to practitioners who work with children across Early Years and within Primary schools.  We support specialist and mainstream settings, as well as NHS community-based services.

Our core training courses are listed below; we are also able to provide training tailored to your school or organisation’s needs.  Please contact us to discuss your training needs around communication difficulties and autism, or click on a link to book on a course.

Please contact us if a course you are interested in is not currently listed for booking.

Current courses

Autism Education Trust (AET) Early Years Training

How to meet the needs of children with autism in your setting – a national three tiered training programme (developed in partnership with Puzzle Centre).

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Book Course below for Good Autism Practice 1 day course – 6th November 2019

Other training available – Contact us for more info

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Using the SCERTS Educational Model in our Practice

How to get started to use the SCERTS model within your nursery, school or service – based on Puzzle Centre’s experience of embedding SCERTS in our practice since 2010.

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Introduction to Sensory Processing

05/10/2019 09:30-12:30

About behaviour which may indicate sensory processing difficulties, how they may affect a child’s learning and ways you can support them

This course will help you to understand why and how sensory processing differences affect a child’s participation, learning and behaviour. You will be given an overview of sensory processing theory and behavioural indicators which may suggest sensory processing differences.

This course will be delivered by our specialist occupational therapist who is an advanced practitioner in Ayres Sensory Integration


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The SCERTS model 2 day workshop. An introduction and next steps

15/10/2019 09:30-16:30

15th and 16th October 2019

Organised by Puzzle Centre, who are experienced in providing specialist autism-specific early education this 2 day workshop is being held in partnership with Emily Rubin.

SCERTS (Prizant, Wetherby, Rubin & Laurent, 2007) is an innovative model for working with children and young people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families.  It provides specific guidelines for helping a child become a competent and confident social communicator, while preventing problem behaviours that interfere with learning and the development of relationships.  It is also designed to help families, educators and therapists work cooperatively as a team, in a carefully co-ordinated manner, to maximize progress in supporting a child.


This training will have an early years and primary school focus and is most appropriate for:

  • Professionals, service providers, and family members who are seeking an introduction to philosophy and practice in the SCERTS Model
  • Administrators and researchers who are considering implementing programming consistent with the SCERTS Model philosophy in their school system or agency
  • The training will be of particular interest to Teachers, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Psychologists who are working with young children on the autistic spectrum and their families.

Day 1 of this course will introduce the SCERTS model, a comprehensive, multidisciplinary educational approach designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  This model is not exclusive of other treatment approaches and methodologies, but rather provides a framework for those who are seeking guidelines for implementing a comprehensive educational plan that is based on our knowledge of the core developmental challenges faced by children with ASD, family-centered care, and our knowledge of the recommended tenets of educational programming.  The model was designed to provide guidelines for helping children progress through the stages of becoming a competent social communicator.  It was also designed to provide families and educational teams with the help they may need to feel successful in supporting the child.  Participants of this course will learn how to determine meaningful, purposeful, and motivating goals and strategies based on a child’s developmental stage, functional needs, and family priorities.



Day 2 of this course will begin with the essential priorities for applying the SCERTS scope and sequence of goals in program development, namely writing goals and determining supports (i.e., educational planning).  The formal assessment will then be introduced as a mechanism to determine a child’s stage of language acquisition, establish a profile of strengths and areas of need in those areas most impacted by the core challenges of ASD and monitor progress over time.


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Understanding Behaviour

16/11/2019 09:30-13:00

Behaviour management principles and practice.

How to understand the reasons for your child’s behaviour and how to respond to inappropriate or challenging behaviours.

Practical strategies to take away.

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Supporting early communication and language

18/01/2020 09:30-13:00

Understanding communication and language differences and practical strategies to support these

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Using Visual Supports in Home and School Settings

07/03/2020 09:30-12:30

The theory and practice of using visual supports.  How visual supports can help your child’s understanding and development, plus lots of practical ideas to take with you.

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Communication and Play

16/05/2020 09:30-12:00

All about how you can connect and communicate with your child and how having fun playing with them helps their communication to develop

Delivered by one of our specialist team of teachers or therapists

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Let's talk about Feeding

20/06/2020 09:30-13:00

About the factors underlying feeding difficulties and ways to identify and try out strategies to help their child.


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Founder and CEO of Bucks Autism Charity Awarded MBE for Services to Young People with Autism

Puzzle Centre is delighted to announce that today, Saturday 8th June 2019, Alexandra Stanyer, Founder and CEO of Puzzle Centre Trust, […]

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