Specialist Teaching

AES Specialist Teaching

Within Autism Early Support’s outreach service, Specialist Teaching provides intervention and support for children whose parents have concerns about their child’s early development, communication and interaction.

Autism Specialist teaching

Who we can help

Our Specialist Teaching team offers a holistic, evidence-based approach to children (aged 2 to 12 years), to their parents/carers and to professionals working with them in educational settings.

We help children with autism and other communication difficulties including language and social communication difficulties.

You may also seek our support if you are having your child assessed for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and require an independent assessment which outlines your child’s strengths and needs and highlights recommendation for special educational provision.

How we can help

We offer assessment and intervention, consultancy and training to support children with communication difficulties and autism.  This takes place within their natural environments such as home or school.


Assessment includes comprehensive interview with parents and/or education professionals working closely with the child, observation and individualised assessment.  This enables the teacher to gain a broad insight to the individual child’s strengths and weaknesses to evaluate what strategies can be further developed or implemented to support them.  Following assessment, an educational plan is devised between the teacher and the family and/or the child’s school or nursery.  This is individually tailored.

Teaching is carried out in collaboration with key people working around the child.  Teaching aims to empower them to implement strategies or interventions.  Approaches are dependent on the child’s individual needs such as:

  • Promoting functional communication (e.g. making requests, commenting on things of interest, making choices).
  • Supporting non-verbal and verbal communication (e.g. use of PECS, signing, spoken words).
  • Supporting social communication and interaction (e.g. turn taking, conversational skills).
  • Supporting attention and listening.
  • Supporting understanding (e.g. following instructions, verbal reasoning, vocabulary and grammar).
  • Advice and guidance on environmental supports at home or in the classroom (e.g: visual supports, emotional supports, adult/child interactions)


As well as providing direct support for an individual child, we offer consultancy into educational, health or other settings.  We are able to advise on principles, approaches and strategies that can enhance children’s engagement and development and that can equip practitioners in their own setting.

We provide training both for parents and carers, and for practitioners.  Workshops and courses cover key aspects of development, with practical examples and advice to take away.

What we can provide to families

  • Collaborative input to meet individual needs of the child and family.
  • Supporting families to identify developmental strengths and needs.
  • Practical advice and recommendations regarding strategies and evidence based approaches that will best meet the child and family’s needs.
  • Tailored programs.
  • Flexibility in arranging appointments and managing intervention.
  • Liaison with other key professionals when appropriate.
  • Information regarding upcoming workshops that may be of interest.
  • Empowering families to understand and meet their child’s needs.

What we can provide to education providers

  • We have in depth knowledge about the early years, key stage 1 and 2 curriculum.
  • Collaborative input to identify a child’s individual needs.
  • Practical recommendations on differentiation and adaptations to support individualised curriculum access in setting.
  • Offer of training opportunities to key staff members or whole setting.

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