I don’t even know where to begin when talking about The Circle Centre – our lives have totally changed since our son joined. Not only has he been embraced, understood, and loved by the staff but so have we, as his parents. I remember standing by the gate on his first day with tears in my eyes at the relief I felt that we were able to have him attend a few days each week and Sarah, the CEO, telling me to soak up as much support as we could.

Within even a few weeks we started to see changes in how our son would transition from activities and couldn’t believe our eyes when something (like being told it was time to stop something) that would have been really difficult previously, was no longer so difficult. Everyone that knows our son has commented on the changes they have seen in the few months since he has been attending and we are so proud of him for being so responsive and taking it all in his stride, but also, eternally grateful to everyone at The Circle Centre.

Hannah and Gryff

They are currently supporting us through the EHC application process and have offered to check in directly with our other childcare providers to ensure consistency. Through them we’ve also connected with other parents of autistic children, which has been a gift in itself as being able to speak to other parents who just understand is so wonderful.

I am grateful every day that Circle Centre is in our life and wish every autistic child could go there! They give you the tools you need to implement strategies at home, the support you need to navigate what can be a challenging path and the personal touch they put on each family’s experience is incredible. Thank you Circle Centre!”