Parent who use and have tested The Portal say:

 “In short, I think it’s fab! Such a great idea and such a useful tool for parents. We would have certainly used this when XX was first diagnosed. It was like being thrown into a new world without knowing where to turn and I spent many hours trawling the Internet (often just terrifying myself!) trying to understand what it would mean for our family and the future. It’s a scary time to be told your child has autism and the AES Parent Portal is just the resource we needed.” 

Thank you AES! This is SUCH a useful, reassuring resource for families.

I’m going to share some of the content with friends and family to help them understand my child’s needs and behaviours better. This journey can be lonely and the parent forum will connect me with families in a similar situation.

I really like the bite size videos. Lots of interesting content and engaging topics to quickly refer to.
Really useful when you want a bit of advice or reassurance. As content increases it would be amazing to categorise content together – e.g. if you’ve read a bitesize clip on something you can then see that there is an article, longer video or pre-recorded webinar on the same subject to get further information. 
The fact that the webinars are saved is also great. Always good to be able to go back and review content and look at things in your own time. 

For the live workshop sessions, these are a vital part of the platform and the bit I am most excited to see. I really like that you can see all the upcoming workshops and pick and choose which ones would be most beneficial for your child. I was going to ask is there to be a way to record the sessions for the parents that can’t watch live, but I can see that you do record – that’s so good ”

I love the way you’ve broken down all the intro text into easy-to-read segments and bullets. And the tone is spot on: welcoming, reassuring and all-encompassing (e.g. all the different reasons people might have come to the portal).

Here are some of the things people are saying about our nursery;

“The paediatrician recommended Circle Centre as the ‘gold standard’. He was right.”

“Finding Autism Early Support was the best thing that has happened to us.”

“It’s not just the child who attends Circle Centre, it’s the whole family”

“Communication exchanges between parents, carers and other professionals are exceptional.”

“Our daughter has benefitted so much from the wonderfully sensitive, caring and patient people who make the Circle Centre what it is – a fantastic nursery centred around the children’s needs.”

“As a parent I leave Circle Centre with a real confidence for the future.”

“Words can’t quite describe how grateful we are for all the support and love you have given our family. You have taught our son so much. Helped him to express himself and how to experience different things – it means the world to us. Every day we thank our lucky stars that we are part of such a wonderful community.”

See our ‘Outstanding’ OFSTED report here.

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