Speech and Language Therapy

How we use speech and language therapy

Speech and language therapy enables and supports children with communication differences. 

Our therapists explore the main areas of communication in a neurodivergent informed way, these include:

  • Language differences – understanding and expressing information using speech (mouth words) and communication supports (AAC) such as text to speech, symbol systems and signs.
  • Social communication differences – to develop an understanding of your child’s strengths and differences and their social communication preferences.

Through speech and language therapy we aim to support your child to communicate in everyday activities such as:

  • Developing communication for a range of functions (e.g. making requests, commenting on things of interest, making choices)
  • Methods to help your child express their wants and needs using their own communicative preferences and developing a robust communication system. This may include using Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) such as signing, use of paper-based systems and electronic systems.
  • Developing their understanding of language (e.g. following instructions, verbal reasoning, vocabulary and grammar).  This includes supporting gestalt language processors and analytic language processors.
  • Supporting your child’s development of spoken language (e.g. using longer sentences, grammar, vocabulary, narrative).

Our goal is to provide practical, bespoke solutions that will support both you and your child to thrive at home, at school and in their community.  We work to ensure that everyone around your child understands their unique communication profile and the role that they play in supporting your child’s individual strengths and differences.   

“John is doing great at his new school and they have lots of hope for him going forward.  It was also thanks to speech and language therapist’s help and all your support and understanding around my situation that got us through.”

Child engaging with Visual Supports, developing communication skills

Who we can help

Children (aged 2 to 12 years), their parents/carers and practitioners working with them. 

You may require our speech and language therapy support if you have a child who: 

Presents with communication differences which effect their: 

  • Emotional state
  • Attention and listening
  • Development of relationships

 Experiences challenges with nursery/school-based activities such as: 

  • Attending and listening within their setting
  • Understanding the tasks and activities
  • Communicating their needs and getting their message across to others
  • Advocating for themselves and getting help
  • Transitions such as changing lessons
  • Narrative and story telling

 Has challenges at home with: 

  • Regulating and expressing emotions
  • Completing homework
  • Communicating with family and friends  
  • Changing activities  

How we work with you

We will begin with a conversation to understand your needs and the needs of your family. 

Our service is flexible and bespoke to your child. Typically, this is offered in tailored blocks of 1:1 speech and language therapy sessions and/or independent assessments. Depending on your location and preference, these can be done at home or in school/nursery or online.  

Our therapists will be working alongside you to enable you to put practical strategies in place at home and in your child’s school. 

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