Support for Families

Supporting families - outreach services

Our outreach team specialise in autism therapies and education practice. They provide a range of assessment and support programmes that can be tailored to meet your family’s needs.

We have Specialist TeachersSpeech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists who can support you remotely, at home, or in your child’s educational setting.

We provide holistic support and approaches that will be tailored to your child’s individual strengths and differences.

Our practice is informed by autistic voice and autistic led research.


“It was so hard for me to say this word but now I work with you guys, you help me to say it and now I say it – school.”

Child, age 8, after working with our Speech and Language Therapist

Who we can help

Children are placed at the core of our practice but we also support parents and carers, as we strongly believe in whole family well-being.

We work directly with:

  • Autistic children age 2-12 years
  • Children with sensory, communication and interaction differences age 2-12 years
  • Parents and carers with children age 2-17 years.

Our services are needs-led, so your child does not need to have an ASD diagnosis to receive our support and access our services.


How we can help

By working directly with you and your child, our experienced team of therapists can offer a comprehensive assessment report or a bespoke programme of speech or occupational therapies.


Comprehensive Assessment Report
Our speech or occupational therapists provide a structured assessment report for your child that can be used to:

  • provide an in depth profile of their strengths, needs and differences.
  • provide specific recommendations for reasonable adjustments, strategies and approaches that can be used at school and other settings
  • support evidence needed for a Specialist Educational Needs (SEN) support plan or an Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP) assessment.

In order to gather as detailed a reflection of your child’s needs as possible, the process will involve observations, 1:1 direct liaison with your child and family and also liaison with other professionals surrounding your child and family. Once the report is written, a follow up call takes place between our therapist and your family to discuss, explain and answer your questions.

Speech & Language and Occupational Therapies
Our therapists work directly with children age 2-12 years to provide bespoke programmes of therapy that are suited to their needs.
We can deliver therapies that have been recommended in your child’s EHCP (paid for by your local authority) or we can deliver a bespoke programme at our recommendation.
Support can be delivered in your family home or in your child’s school and it will vary in length according to your child’s needs and development.
All therapy sessions are recorded and detailed reports are provided to track your child’s progress against the outcomes set at the start of the programme.

Our therapies are child-centred and they aim to:

  • empower your child and their key adults to help advocate for the child’s needs
  • promote your child’s access to daily situations
  • enhance your child’s emotional well being
  • enhance your child’s ability to communication and share what they want, with who they want, how they want
  • provide reasonable and practical suggestions to enable your child to learn, participate and engage in activities and situations that are meaningful and important to them.


As well as providing direct support for children and families, we also we offer consultancy in education, health or other settings.

Our work in schools can focus on making recommendations for adjustments and supports that can enhance and accommodate your child’s experience at school.

As a parent, if you think your child’s school would be interested or this would be of benefit, please get in touch.

‘The Parent’s Portal is an interactive platform of resources, guidance and peer support for parents & carers.

Our team of creators include experienced specialist therapists, teachers and our parent support coordinator.  Our team have worked and listened to autistic children and their families for over 25 years. 

 The Portal has been designed to offer you:

  • clear, consistent information and guidance to help you support your child to navigate school, home and social life
  • trusted support from practitioners with extensive experience of working with autistic children and young people
  • practical tools, strategies and accommodations for home and in school
  • help to understand your child’s differences, their strengths and their needs
  • a peer network of parents to exchange ideas, feel listened to and affirmed
  • signposting to current UK-wide support, advice and guidance.


Contact Us

To find out more about how we can help you and support your needs, please contact us.