Shishka and Dillon

Ever since our son Dillon turned one, we noticed he wasn’t progressing in the same way as other children his age. He had social interaction and communication differences – including being non-speaking, avoiding eye contact and preferring to play alone.

After a year of countless medical appointments and tests, at the age of three, Dillon received his Autism diagnosis. His future seemed uncertain, and we didn’t know where to turn for help.  

Fortunately for our son and our family, we discovered the charity Autism Early Support and their wonderful Circle Centre nursery. The work they do with young autistic children is truly amazing!  Since attending their Circle Centre nursery, Dillon has made significant progress. They are helping him to prepare for primary school by using communication supports, such as pictures and Makaton, and, recently, he began vocalising in his own way. When he feels comfortable, he is now choosing to play with his peers.

As parents, it was often heartbreaking to see the challenges and barriers Dillon was facing. We had many sleepless nights worrying about him and we knew we had to act and provide him with the necessary support. I am so grateful to Autism Early Support and their Circle Centre nursery. They are a charity dedicated to helping children like Dillon to thrive.

Our son is incredible, and we are so grateful for the support of Autism Early Support.